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Tru-Luv Holly Hope: Day 35

It is pure joy to see Holly Hope growing up alright so far. Another 3 weeks and I can breath easy. I was all geared up for the photo shoot this evening as I prepared a little backdrop to take photos of Holly Hope. I waited for the right moment to click the camera button and when Holly Hope did a superb pose, the camera turned off itself and the screen reads “CHANGE BATTERIES”. OH DARN! All the curses I could ever thought of just came off my mouth and I was so furious.

Luckily for my Sony Ericson K750i 2.0 Mega Pixels camera phone, I was able to take some decent photos. When batteries fail, you can definitely count on Sony Ericson (an endorsement line worth some sponsorship)! To be honest, my camera cellphone has been a great companion with me especially when I am on the move and needs to blog with photos. Since I stopped blogging on the other end, I forgot all about it until those darn batteries failed me on my Canon PowerShot camera. My Canon PowerShot A710 is another great companion for blogging (yet another free advertisement worth some sponsorship).

The conclusion and moral of the story is, keep those batteries FULLY CHARGED!!!!

Here’s CUTE Holly Hope:

Top view looking good….

What’s up!?

I disapprove you making me pose for so darn long!!!


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Fickle, Erratic, Indecisiveness

In certain situations it may be really difficult for us to make up our minds as to settle for the best solutions or options.

I normally do not face much of this sort of situation because I normally have an idea of what I want with my rabbits. For example, if I need to decide on which kit to keep, I normally take the queue from the way they grow up. At certain age, you can roughly tell if they are growing up nicely.

I normally start to cull my rabbits mentally quite early because decisions must be made pretty fast when space is an issue. With a mental note on which to keep and which to cull, I will be able to execute my decision when the time is right.

I just hope that it will stay that way so that I will not be making life miserable for others. Imagine a hopeful child anticipating to get his first pet rabbit and how his/her hope is dashed just because I cannot make up my mind. Not something I would love to experience myself.

It is quite normal to come across people that have the worst ways of making decisions. Some people changes their mind as fast as they made it up and I believe it is very frustrating being on the receiving end. Luckily most of these people I encountered are not rabbit people. They are just some acquaintances that I deal with and I do not hope to bump into any rabbit people whom are like that. There are too many Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde around and I believe the world is beautiful enough without more.

Hope your every dealings in life goes smoothly and without glitches.

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