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Love & Hate Relationship

I was thinking of pushing my breeding schedule a little forward so that I could have kits in the nest box end of June. For the past 3 days I have been trying to breed BlueBerry to Skor (under supervision that is) but BlueBerry does not seemed to accept Skor. Skor finds it hard to mate with her (I hope he is not that old – LOL) because she kept on running away.

Today they lied down side by side and it was quite a cute sight to behold. But I wanted them to mate, not just lie down beside each other. After a while both were at different corners seemed to be sulking. I wonder what the heck happened to them. Maybe Skor said something mean to her while lying down beside her. Loust pick up lines perhaps.

Bandie and Adinna accepted Skor instantly when I placed them together previously and it is so different with BlueBerry. Hope she will accept him soon because she has been showing me some behavior that seemed to say that she is ready to mate but when I place her with Skor, it is otherwise.

I have been putting them together in the evening. Maybe I’ll try putting them together in the morning over the weekend and hopefully they are morning people as suggested by SB. LOL!!!!

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