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Playing towards a healthy mind…

So far, I have not write about giving my rabbits toys to play with. On some occasions I do give them toilet rolls but I believe they deserve better toys than that. The only reason that I am unable to give them toys to play with is because of space. I like to see them having larger space so that I could include some mind-stimulating toys to keep them mentally healthy.

Yes, your rabbits do not get bored alone but needs some mental stimulation. Although it may just seemed like chewing on the toys, they do benefit from having toys. Cardboard boxes could be use for hiding and scratching. Wood blocks could be used for them to chew and “swing” around.

In short they will benefit more with toys especially rabbits kept alone. It is the same concept with other animals. Have you ever seen a lion walking in circles after being caged up for too long? That is what we call PACING. They pace around because the cages are too small and there isn’t much to do in those cages.

I hope my rabbits do not start pacing or show some awkward behavior.

It would be feasible to pamper my hoppers with loads of toys soon and I am very happy to know that I could improve the quality of life for all my rabbits. Firstly, it would be possible because I am getting some toys from SB and also I would be able to give the rabbits more space once we move!

YAY! Happy days ahead for bunnies and me!

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