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New Rabbitry Shelf: Proof Of Concept #2 (SUCCESS!)

I was looking forward to a dull Saturday but things took a super twist. I suddenly got this urge to try out the new shelving concept I had in mind. This time I decided to setup the actual one.

So off I went to the hardware shop to get some pipes and to a pet store to stock up on my cages. I need actual cages to make sure that my “mock test” works exactly how I want it to be.

On my first attempt, I built the first level too high up and leaving no height for the 3rd level. So I dismantle everything and then worked from ground up again.

I guess pictures will tell a thousand words. I am too tired to type so I’ll just leave the photos to do all the talking:

Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

Test Drive:

From every angle, the bunny “canon balls” just falls in to place. All in the pipe!!!!


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