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The many challenges: Transforming Negative to Positive

A hobby is suppose to give us happiness. As of late, I have been facing a lot of challenges not because of my rabbits but more of human issues. I guess I should just stop most of the human interactions.

I notice that I have been blogging on a negative note for the past few weeks. I need to turn that around to have more positive things on this blog. After all, the true joy and happiness comes from these wonderful rabbits.

I have to avoid being sucked into another dimension whereby people tend to bring others down to levitate themselves. I guess many people in this world likes to be important or at least be somewhere with the things they do. And fueled by this sort of obsession, they tend to trample on others.

I believe success is self defined most of the time and many people strive to achieve certain recognition. When they do not get it, they get frustrated and act in many different undesirable ways.

But I guess living in this world we have to accept that it is made up of many types of people with different mentalities. Why burn bridges all for the sake of rabbits?

For goodness sake, sharing is caring and let us all not resort to unnecessary bickering over a few lagomorphs alright? It is just so childish to be holding a rabbit and say “See, I have a better rabbit compared to yours”. I always believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

An orphan by the streets may be cuddling a stray puppy at this very moment. Would he say that the puppy is ugly when it is all he/she have?

So let’s not judge others when we have the privilege to own what our heart desires and look lowly on others based on our own standards. God have not passed the last judgment yet so who are we to do so?

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Crippling others for selfish gains

I have seen quite a few back biting amongst show dog breeders and I believe it is just so damn irrelevant. It is just amazing how much trouble these people is willing to go through just because of a hobby. I just cannot comprehend what all the bickering is all about. A few years back there were news about someone suing another person for selling a surgically fixed show dog that was later disqualified in the show rings.

Aren’t we being a little too serious here?

How many of us are willing to go all out just to stumble someone else? I believe there are some dog breeders out there in attempt to eliminate competition, they go to great lengths to sabotage their “opponents”. I believe this is fueled by some mad possessive behavior. What is it that we gain in all the winnings? Some people just cannot accept defeat as a challenge to improve oneself. Therefore, they rather come out with all sorts of schemes just to cripple the other.

I hope not to see this in the rabbit world because it is just so not worth it. In the name of goodwill, I hope all rabbit people here in Malaysia are nice individuals.

Will you go out of the way just to cripple someone else from getting what they like just because you feel envious or believe that you have the exclusive rights to own certain things which you hope others do not?

If you do have this sort of psychological problem, I pray for your soul.

For goodness sake, it is just RABBITS!

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