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Transition period

I have started to get really personal with my blog. So much so that I am starting to disclose quite personal information about myself to everyone. I do not know if it a wise thing to do, but the general rule of thumb is to keep a level of anonymity to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Another thing I try very hard to do is keep my posts positive because I believe there are many young people having access to the internet and I have high regards for the future generations. I am sure most of my visitors are made up of young people and I feel that it is my duty to provide them with clean contents.

I prefer to be myself when I write and most of my peers told me that they found me very expressive and vocal about things. And most of them are right. I normally get myself into trouble expressing too much.

But that is just how God made me and I do not think it is fair to take that against me. In anyway, I do contribute to add varieties to the world. I also have a role to play in making this world more colorful than usual. LOL.

That being said, I am starting to take this hobby of rabbit raising less seriously because I have seen people who are far too serious to a point of burning bridges. After all, it is just a hobby and there should be information passed around generously. That is how a hobby can grow. Of course breeders have the full right to choose what they disclose or not but for me, I prefer to be expressive with every issue.

And of course, I try to filter out as much negativities possible to keep my blog a happy one for the enjoyment of all. We all face a lot of challenges while at work namely politics and such, so why bring it into our hobby where we suppose to enjoy?

I guess it will start being political when people get too serious about the entire thing. I am deciding not to take it seriously because I have seen how this obsessive compulsive behavior can ruin everything.

I see breeders in US going to the tables with very good sportsmanship. But sometimes there tend to be surprises because some may overreact for not winning. But I am even more surprised when I see bickering in places without SHOWS! That is simply amazing and unbelievable.

To end this post, I hope the many people that visits this blog regularly continue visiting and bring a couple of friends along so that we can enjoy the company. Let’s grow this wonderful hobby together. Let our rabbits be a vessels to good friendship and bring hope to humanity which is so torn apart.

Goodwill to all…

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