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Tru-Luv Holly Hope: Day 42

She’s 6 weeks old today. Here are some cute photos of her.

Seen here with mummy dearest:

She is just so photogenic and ever ready to pose for me. Just nudge her chin and she’ll sit up straight. Lovely…

And after all the posing, this is what she did:



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Might be taking a break

My main goal is to fill up the blog calendar on my side bar. I am juggling with loads of things at the moment. My work is kind of hectic at this moment and I preparing for the big move.

So I am considering to stop posting for a while. But first, I need to convince myself that it would be alright leaving some dates blank on the calendar. LOL!!!!!

Anyhow, the hits to this blog has been quite stagnant for a while. I was hoping that my readers could give me some feedback so that I get more visitors and not just slip away as quietly as they came. But that is just what I might be getting. I really need to know how to make this blog more interesting and get more hits to it.

I guess that photos do make a lot of difference.

Will post photos soon!

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