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30 days blog

I am so happy that finally I am able to complete an entire month of posts without missing a day. But I notice that the quality of my contents drop because sometimes I do not have much to write but for the sake of writing I just post something.

I am sorry that I have shortchanged my faithful readers in that sense. At this moment I do not have internet access in the new place so I am going to try my best to post whenever I get hold of a computer with internet access.

There are still loads to do at home but at least it looks & feels like home (bunnies & humans alike).

BTW, BlueBerry started building her nest last nite but she is suppose to be due on the 6th. I just gave her the nest box anyway fearing that she may pop. She does look a little plump there. Hope to see healthy kits in the nest box soon.

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It is done!

It has been a really busy weekend and I am still waiting for them to come install the internet service. Need to get the phone line up first.

Anyhow, just want to share just one photo. Please bear with me on the quality of the photo as it was taken using the handphone.

I am very please with the entire setup.

Here’s BlueBerry and Skor:


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Spring at TLR

I always see Spring as a season of abundance. Although we do not have 4 seasons in Malaysia, I have decided to make Spring happen in the rabbitry. BlueBerry is expected to kindle somewhere next week and I am planning of letting Skor have a go with Noobie.

Hope to keep this blog updated because I will not have internet access at the new place for a few days, weeks or perhaps months. I am too broke to apply for internet access at the moment but the new rabbitry is perfect. BTW, that’s where all my money conveniently “flowed” to. LOL…

I know, I know, more pictures coming soon. Hope you guys can wait.

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How fragile life is

I just came back from visiting a friend whose dad just passed away today. It really hit me hard thinking what is left of us when we pass on. What will happen things we cherish and hold dear to? It really got me thinking that life is really fragile and we do not know when we are called to leave this temporary place called earth.

I am not going to post a long one tonight. It is my solemn sign of respect to a great person that I look up to. He has taught me that there is still hope being a good person on this earth. I just want to say good bye and farewell to Uncle Foo. Rest In Peace. Will miss seeing you around.

P.S.: All the bunnies except for Noobie is at the new place now. As for me, this will be the last post from this location. Tomorrow onwards I will be posting from elsewhere.

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Spraying Doe?

Was trying to catch Latara in her cage today and to my surprise, she sprayed at me!!!

I know when a buck sprays at you, it means that he loves you. But this is the first time I have ever been sprayed by a doe! I was shocked with her behavior so I had to reconfirm to see if I have sexed her wrongly. I am very sure it was a slit when I take a look and I am still a little puzzled over the spraying behavior.

Since she’s at the highest level of the cage, I was wondering if I should put her on the first level so that I do not get peed at again.

Holly Hope has join her in the new place. We’re going to shift in by Saturday. A new beginning for everyone!


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Latara’s house warming

The new shelving units are 6 to 12 holes convertibles. I just need to raise the center panel of the cages to divide the 2 cages at each level. Since I have only have 5 of them at the moment, I will make use of all doubled units. The middle level cages are reserved for NURSERY. LOL.

I decided to send Latara over to her new hotel and turned out, she was delighted. She is the first living creature living in the new home now:

As expected, I did not stop to take photos of the entire process. Here are some photos of the completed shelf. 3 levels with kindling room in the middle with enforced fencing to keep little blind kits from falling off. Bottom room is for buck that may spray. I have to give props to Down The Rabbit Hole for giving me the inspiration for the waste management.

The second level specially for kindling doe:

Bottom level for buck that may spray:

The waste system piping:

The poops collection basket. To be collected daily and used as fertilizers around the neighborhood:


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Problem with comments?

A friend informed me that she was unable to post comments on this blog. Was wondering if anyone else can confirm that? I know you cannot post a reply here if you are facing problem commenting so I would appreciate it if you can just drop me a mail at Thanks! Really appreciate it.


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Holly Hope: Latest Photos

I took a long pause and still cannot remember how old is she but anyhow, I believe she has just started going through the “ugly” phase.

I also took very long to start assembling the shelves at our new place. Here are some photos.

p/s: notice the watermark, I am sure you know why it is there.


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Meadow Haven

It is difficult for city dwellers like us to find a real meadow for our beloved bunnies to enjoy themselves. So I have decided to paint the bunny area at our new place for them and hope that would make them feel comfortable. Thus, I am naming this place Meadow Haven.

Frankly, I was so reluctant to share photos after the previous “drama” but I felt that there are more people I want to share my experiences with and that outweighs the negativity by a mile. To hell with those trouble makers.

I promised to post some photos didn’t I? The rabbitry is not completed yet because I just started setting it up. I am too tired to type a long one, so here you go (the preview):

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Exciting days ahead

It is just a wonder how much can be done over the weekend knowing that I will be having more time to work on the new house for the whole of next week.

Oh yeah before I forget, I have added Organic Barley Flakes into the conditioning mix and they love it.

Coming back to the new place. Just got it painted all over and I just bought some blinds to cover the rabbit area. I will be setting up the shelves tomorrow after the final layer of paints on the walls. I have also made a DIY pee/poo sieve for separating the poops from the pee so that I could use them for the neighborhood plants. Go green!

So for the next few days, I am hoping very much for flawless measurements and assembling of the entire rabbit system. It is something I am quite proud of given the fact that I used part of my brain for this innovation. LOL…

You could tell how much I use my brains these days through my boring posts.

One thing I need to improve on is to take time taking photos of all the DIY ventures. I just get too engrossed with the work itself, I find it hard to stop for a while and snap a few photos. Moreover, I suspect I have mild ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) because each time I work on something, my mind wanders and there goes my feet too. LOL!!!!


Anyhow, I just cannot wait to get the rabbitry up and running because to be truthful, I am more excited with getting the rabbits into the new place than shifting to this new place itself. LOL!!!

Someone please knock me the next time you see only words on this blog. LOL…Very likely I’ll get knocked unconscious.

See you guys tomorrow!

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