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1st of the month again

We have come to the middle of the year again. How fast time flies. We are not moving anytime soon because some renovation has to be done at the new place. I am particularly stressed out because I have all the building materials for the rabbitry in place and things are just not moving along as how I wanted. Not to mention the cost of all the hustling and bustling to get this new “crib” ready.

BlueBerry and Skor is being treated for mites at the moment. Another 4 weeks of Ivermectin regimen. I hope to get them to the new place 3 weeks into their treatment. Noobie and Holly Hope must wait since the latter is still nursing off mommy.

I really hate these darn mites. They are just so difficult to get rid of.

Other than these, nothing much is happening at this juncture. Since it is first of the month, it is normally stock up time and I have bought 2 packets of 10lbs Oxbow. I still have loads of hay and need to let the buns finish them up before getting new ones. I would love to give the botanical hay a try.

I really need to find time to take more photos because I notice that photos are the best thing to attract more readers to my blog.

See ya soon!

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