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The uncertainties of Life: Humans & Rabbits

We are experiencing yet another increase in fuel prices. This is going to take a toll on a lot of things especially food and basic necessity expenditures.

There are already tons of uncertainties when raising rabbits. Being a rabbit owner you just cannot figure out when and how your little hopper would fall sick. That is a type of uncertainties that I always dread. More so when a health problem strikes you unaware.

There is another set uncertainties and that is living this life as the owner. Since we do not have control over the fuel prices, it would be a great burden for us if the prices increase every now and then. Fuel prices determine the prices for other things as well and when prices of things increase, we tend to cut back on expenditure and start to prioritize.

I hate to give up my pets just because of financial situation because it is just so damn sad. It would kill my spirit if it happens.

What can we do to brave through this challenge in life?

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