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Bum Lifting & Tribal Calls!

I attempted to breed BlueBerry and Skor again last evening. BlueBerry did not behave as aggressive as before. As usual, Skor will attempt to mount with every opportunity. I was busy cleaning their cages and I took a peek through the window. Not too long after, I saw Skor mounting and then to my surprise, BlueBerry lifted her bum quite high up this time and it wasn’t something she has done so far. In a split second, as Skor “went for the kill”, he gave a loud “tribal call” while falling backwards.

Judging from BlueBerry’s behavior, it somehow tells me that she was too shy whenever I am around. She will normally cuddle up at the corner of the playpen when I approach her. I guess rabbits need some privacy too.

Well, I gave them enough private time for 2 bum lifts and tribal calls. I even wanted to snap a photo of them in the act but I figured that I should spare them from embarrassment and truly respect their privacy. I do not condone animal pornography. LOL!!!!

Watch out people, “kits in the nest box” coming this way in another month!

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