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Friends around the world

It is really amazing how the internet has allowed people across the globe to know each other. Blogs are even more phenomenal. I am very happy to have started this blog and posting on a daily basis. Other than giving me an escape out of the normal hectic routine. It is really therapeutic psychologically for me.

I am known as a very verbal person by my peers and I write/say whatever that is on my mind in a very straight forward manner. I guess it is good for me because I do not keep much within myself. I am most willing to share and this blog allows me to do just that.

I am quite contented and feel honored whenever someone tells me that they visit my blog on a daily basis. It really inspires me to continue doing what I enjoy.

In order to grow, we must always share. I hope all the experiences penned down in this blog helps someone along the way. That is the purest form of helping someone else in need sincerely – not expecting anything in return that is.

You might feel that my blog is getting boring at the moment. Well, I do not blame you because I felt the same way too. Seemed like I am writing so much about how I feel rather than what is happening with the rabbits at the moment.

The herd is doing alright in my opinion. As I have mentioned about a thousand times now, I am just too tied up with some other issues at the moment. Work has been really hectic for the past few weeks and I will not be able to take leave until after another week or so. I believe by then I will be able to send some photos this way of the new rabbitry. It should be ready by end of this month (fingers crossed). I just cannot wait to see my last Proof Of Concept materializing.

What I wanted to say when I started posting this entry is that, I just want to extend my heartiest gratitude to all those rabbit friends that I have met through this great place called Internet. Many of you have shared so much valuable knowledge and experiences with me that I am truly in debt. The only way I could repay all your kindness is to continue to share the knowledge through this little blog.

I understand that many of us are going through a very grave challenge at the moment especially the economical situation. Looking at the worldwide food shortage really worries me. If humans do not have enough, would there even be anything left for our poor bunnies/pets?

Nonetheless, I pray that all bunny friends out there do not have to make the decision to give up this wonderful hobby for financial reasons. I pray for good health both bunnies and owners. May everyday bring new hope like how the nest boxes are filled with warm kits cuddled together.

Bunnies do give us great HOPE to press on.

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