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My Goodness!!!!!

Due to the controversy with the other local blogger, the hits to this blog is phenomenal! Amazing!

For once I am lost for words. I just cannot type…

Thank you all for dropping by and supporting!

Please continue to promote RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP!

UPDATE: I looked at her blog again today and saw a lot of nasty comments on the little LIVE chat box. The funny thing is, she thinks those comments are from me. For the record, I do not have time to entertain such an air-head! LOL!!!!! But anyone can see who’s right or wrong except for her!

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I Love My Bunny Friends!

Generally, bunny people are great people. I am a firm believer in the fact that animal lovers are very kind people. Animal lovers in my definition does not loosely mean someone that keeps animal as pet. I do mean those that give a big deal of their time, money and attention to their pets.

Most are owners by impulse. Out of those, there are some that eventually move on to be genuinely good pet owners through extensive research – the interest grows. For many, it is just a passing fad. For example, some people just hate rabbits because according to them, they poop a lot. But it is ironical that someone who hates rabbits may end up owning one (just because the bunny looks cute) and you can pretty much guess what happens to the rabbit eventually.

For most of the people I know and correspond with, our commitment is forever. We love our rabbits to death and having the slightest feeling of parting possibilities would send us into a seizure (literally!).

For all those that have commented on this blog and have corresponded with me, I love you guys tons!!! Keep the passion for those buns burning. You guys rock! Wouldn’t come this far without you guys.

And for the RECORD, I am NO rabbit seller! I am a HOBBYIST BREEDER who occasionally have something nice to offer for people who are genuine and sincere! If there are shows in Malaysia, that would make me a SHOW BREEDER!

Nuff Said…

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