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Monday Blue

I read from somewhere that rabbits with happy owners normally live longer compared to depress owners. That information really scare the crap out of me because I am always depressed. LOL!!!!!

It seemed that they can sense the bad vibes coming from their owners.

So, if your rabbit dies on you young, it would mean that you are too stress?

I really hope NOT!

But I strongly believe in this theory because animals are very good with their senses. One of the earlier warnings of recent tsunami was given by animals.

We have also seen that certain dogs were able to sense the onset of heart attacks on their owners.

Animals are amazing don’t you think?

I have decided to stay away from my rabbits on Mondays because of Monday Blues. LOL…

Just kidding. They gave me so much joy even when I am really depressed, they would reverse the feeling immediately when I see them.

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