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Outrageos Perceptions

Most people here have the worst perceptions and impressions of rabbits and I felt that they deserve some justice. So before giving the justification for each bad perception, I would like to list down why the general public do not think that rabbits make good pets:

1) They are smelly

– The reason for the smell is due to bad waste management. They are many good litter materials available in the market and has high absorbency rate. To eliminate smell, ensure that the rabbit’s environment is kept dry and clean at all times.

2) They poop a lot

– Again, with good waste management, this should not be an issue because with other pets, you need to clean their waste as well.

3) They kick whenever I try to carry them

– Rabbits do not like the feeling of being lifted up in general. You can either go down to their level or handle them more (the right way). Never ever pull a rabbit’s ear. Grip on to the shoulder and provide support for its rear when you are carrying.

4) They breed like mad

– You can opt to neuter or spay your rabbits. That improves their behavior too. Always separate matured rabbits. No, THEY WILL NOT FEEL LONELY separated.

5) They always spray or shoot urine at me

– Bucks spray their girlfriends. You should count your blessing if he shoots at you because that shows that he LOVE you. Get him neutered!

6) They bite!

– Aggression are caused by hormones most of the time. This is quite common in females when they have raging hormones pounding on their brain to mate. Get her spayed! That will tone her down.

7) They poo and pee everywhere!

– This is another sign of territorial marking. For me personally, as long as I get the pee into the litter box, I am not worried about the poops. Just need to clean up after them.

8) They are not responsive (not interactive)

– DEFINITELY a myth! Rabbits can respond to their names!

9) They cannot live indoors

– They definitely can but first you must litter train them. They make great indoor pets!

10) They eat their own poo!

– They need those nutrients from their cecal to help balance up the flora in their tummy. It is natural. No one ask you to kiss their MOUTHS! LOL…

If you have anymore outrageous perceptions please do add them through the comments. Thank you…

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