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I don’t mean to be rude but…bunny language please…

I have been getting some weird comments in really weird languages. I do not mean to sound rude but I can only understand bunny languages. Binkies and grunting may mean something to me but if you want to comment, please comment in ENGLISH (American or British, it doesn’t matter). LOL…

It is quite surprising that some people in certain countries are very proud of their languages and assume that everyone in the world will understand. Unfortunately, the only international language I know is as you know English, a little sign language and of course body language (both animals and human). I am sorry if I seemed ignorant and do not take the initiatives to learn your language. I have too many languages to learn computer programming languages included. LOL…

So, please forgive me if I run into any grammatical errors.

I believe in the rabbit world, theirs is a simpler language. And here are a few of them and what they mean if you happen to see/witness them:

1. Chinning: Not necessary mean marking territory, more of a behavior in preparation before digging into a sumptuous meal.

2. Lying stretched out: Most relaxed and happy.

3. Thumping of back feets: Danger, Danger, Danger!

4. Buck circling your feet: Courting behavior (you’re sexy!)

5. Growling and biting: Stop messing my burrow with your filthy hands!

6. Teeth grinding: If sitting crouched up, it would mean pain else, may be a purr while being petted

7. Jumping in mid air (Binky): True Happiness!!!

8. Buck spraying at you: I love you!!! UghhHhhHHhh!!!

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In a few more days

The wait is finally coming to an end. I am now planning on building up the new rabbitry at our new home. I need to get all the logistics planned out in detail because I would be needing the rabbits’ existing cages to build the new one.

There will be a lot of work involve. I need to clean their cages thoroughly before fitting them onto the new shelving units. But I will document the entire process and share with all of you soon. I will even document how the shelves are made if I do not get carried away building it up. LOL.

I really need to get those contractors speed up their work. There are just a few minor adjustments to be made before we can move in. But since the materials for the new rabbitry has been transported over even before the renovation started, I have to get them built first. And these materials got dirty while the renovation was in progress. UrggGgghh…more work!

Will be keeping everyone updated. And sorry for the lack of photos. Has been really tied down with work lately.

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