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Exciting days ahead

It is just a wonder how much can be done over the weekend knowing that I will be having more time to work on the new house for the whole of next week.

Oh yeah before I forget, I have added Organic Barley Flakes into the conditioning mix and they love it.

Coming back to the new place. Just got it painted all over and I just bought some blinds to cover the rabbit area. I will be setting up the shelves tomorrow after the final layer of paints on the walls. I have also made a DIY pee/poo sieve for separating the poops from the pee so that I could use them for the neighborhood plants. Go green!

So for the next few days, I am hoping very much for flawless measurements and assembling of the entire rabbit system. It is something I am quite proud of given the fact that I used part of my brain for this innovation. LOL…

You could tell how much I use my brains these days through my boring posts.

One thing I need to improve on is to take time taking photos of all the DIY ventures. I just get too engrossed with the work itself, I find it hard to stop for a while and snap a few photos. Moreover, I suspect I have mild ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) because each time I work on something, my mind wanders and there goes my feet too. LOL!!!!


Anyhow, I just cannot wait to get the rabbitry up and running because to be truthful, I am more excited with getting the rabbits into the new place than shifting to this new place itself. LOL!!!

Someone please knock me the next time you see only words on this blog. LOL…Very likely I’ll get knocked unconscious.

See you guys tomorrow!

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