Raising the Quality of PET QUALITY rabbits

The terms Pet, Brood and Show Quality has been exploited beyond recognition.

Just because these are the terms given to categorize the quality of their rabbits by Show Breeders, local breeders has figured out how to make use of them just to push their “stocks” to ill-informed buyers. I realized that buyers are always impressed with bombastic terms. And anything that they hear which are unfamiliar to them would be EXCLUSIVE stuff.

If you are one of these buyers, then I must call you STUPID! Excuse me for my arrogance, because I am dead tired of some “pet agents” trying to mislead the public by labeling their rabbits 100% pure bred Holland Lop and do not even know exactly what breed they are. Again, exploitation of TERMS!

It is just so amazing these dumbos can make profit out of their dumber customers. And the best thing is that, the public seemed to condone this! They love being cheated!

Like many other things that is happening in Malaysia, that seemed to be the culture we are heading to.

Now, with all these complaints, what is the solution that I have in mind? Firstly, I would like to inform the public that a 100% pure bred Holland Lop will come together with a PEDIGREE. In case you do not know the meaning of this “bombastic” word PEDIGREE, it is a BIRTH CERTIFICATE (plainly put) with of course the date of birth, and information of at least 3 generations of the rabbit’s LINEAGE. Another “bombastic” word, LINEAGE. Go look that up in the dictionary. I am sharing my knowledge and not giving ENGLISH classes!

Alright, the real solution is, shall we all increase the quality of PET QUALITY? Yes, that is exactly what I want to do to put all these CHEATERS out of business. I shall add this objective as part of my rabbitry’s resolution and goal. I want to raise the quality of PET Quality in Malaysia so that everyone will know what is a real Holland Lop!

I really do pity the rabbits produced which are sub standard. It creates a really bad chain reaction in a long run.

We only have one earth, please populate it with the best HOLLAND LOPS. That’s for our future! Imagine your great grandchildren holding up a Holland Lop which looks like an English Lop. That will be a shame on you because that is what you produce today that will affect tomorrow!

Alright, I know it is pointless to be fretting over something and not give real good concrete solutions or maybe I am making it seem as if I am the only worthy person to get a bunny from. To be frank, there are very few reputable breeders around so here is how to recognize one from a thousand yards away (the traits of a good breeder):

1. A good breeder shares whatever information he/she knows

2. A good breeder care a whole lot where his/her rabbits go

3. A good breeder will tell you the faults of his/her rabbits

4. A good breeder will have an objective on how he/she wants to achieve with his/her herd of rabbits

5. A good breeder spends considerable amount of time/money to work on his rabbitry for all the good reasons and not making profit

6. A good breeder spends time with each and everyone of his/her rabbits

7. A good breeder breeds knowing well enough there will never be profit in the hobby

8. A good breeder ensures that good genes are not wasted through unnecessary cross breeding

9. A good breeder will never jeopardize the quality of care given to his/her rabbits in the name of profiteering

10. A good breeder always plan out his breeding program and gives proper resting period for all brood does

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