Tails From Meadow Haven: Chapter 2.5

“Mummy! Mummy! Look what I have got”

“I can’t see you my dear. I can hear you from here though”

“Mummy, can you just look over there, I can see you through this piece of upright water (humans call it glass panel)”

“Oh! Is that you? You have grown so much. And what have you got there in your mouth?”

“Master gave this to me yesterday. They are my chewing toys. I could still smell myself on them but this time, I just can’t find the rope”

“Alright Alright, you go play with your toys then. Mummy has got lots to do”

“LOTS to do? Are you sure Noob? All I know is that we just sit and lie down here all day. I’ll call that doing nothing if I were you!”

“Oh darn, you don’t have to tell it out loud, I am just bored of her telling me about small kit toys. I have got one here which is blocking my way. What are they for, these colorful blocks (mind you, rabbits may be color blind)?”

“Holly Hope just said it, they are chewing blocks!”


“What’s the sigh for Latara?”

“Told ya we’re heading for doom. I just felt that this is NOT us! We aren’t meant to be here!”

“There she goes again…”

“Really there is a greater place out there. I am not sure about you guys but I have got this innate feeling that we are not meant to be here. We are meant to be….to be….Fhhhh…..Fhrrr……Frrrrr……Free! Yeah, that’s the word!”

“What does free means?”

“It means we have bigger space to run and to meet others when we need to”

“How can you prove the existence of FREE?”

“You see, I was out with master the other day and they had this huge piece of light. I saw this lion and his friends, if I remember correctly, one of them was a giraffe. They made a pact to get out of this small place that they were confined in. They ended up in this place called MegaGasCar”

“Bah! Mega Gas what?”

“MegaaaAaa GasssSss CarrrRRRr!”

“You mean that thing that gives a loud fart!? And with some dark evaporating cottons trailing it?”


“Mummy I want to go Mega Gassy Car!! Sounds fun!”

“Hey Skor, master’s back do your thing!”



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