Tails From Meadow Haven: Chapter 3 – House Rules

“Hey lagos, master’s coming with something in his hands”

“This does not sound all that good”

“Wonder what it is that he wants from us this time”

“He is attaching something on the Water Curtain. There are something inscribed on it”

“Can you make anything out of it?”

“There are 5 lines of codes on it”

“What the lines say?”


“Anything else?”

“Be patient will ya, I am trying to read with these WIDE ANGLE eyes. I am sure you will need sometime too”

“Alright, just take your time then”

“Number 1, NO RAPING”


“I think he meant to tell us that we should not be rapping, you know like those people that goes YO YO, UHUH UHUH and YEAH YEAH?”

“I guess master hates RAP music but that cannot be, I always hear him putting on some beaty music with all these people mumbling real quickly as if they are trying to catch a train”

“Were they able to catch one?”

“I really do not know, they sounded as if they are angry or something”

“Probably not then”

“What else is written, Skor?”

“Number 2, No Spraying”

“Number 3, Pee At One Spot Only”

“I have nothing to worry about that, I always do it at this corner”

“Yeah right…and it spill all over me down here”

“Oh my, I am sorry for that. Well, I still love this spot. It is my favourite spot because I get all the nice view while easing myself”

“Do warn me before you send the Golden Showers down alright?”

“I will”

“But I have got problem controlling my bladder & bowel mummy”

“I know that Holly Hope dear, kits are not meant to control their bladder and bowel so young. You take your time alright. Keep on trying there”

“Number 4, Do Not Waste Cecals”

“Now, that’s a hard one. I get so grossed out shoving those soft smelly you know what into my mouth and sometimes I just cannot take it anymore. How are we gonna possibly do that?”

“Number 5, Love Your Kits”

“Is he mad or something? How can we possibly love our kits when we are meant to have tons of them? The best we could do is care for them to a certain point of time and we should be saying good bye. If we do not do that, it will disrupt the Circle Of Lives. Definitely no attachments for me!”

“Me too! Do not expect me to sit here all day without having some fun with the handsome one next door (literally)! I am all for the LUV! And, when I get so frustrated not having a buck, I will start biting and going mad. ArgghHhhh talking about a buck, I really need one now!”

“Calm down now everyone. I couldn’t be bothered with these if I were you. Come on, they are not around most of the time to know what we are up. Just some crappy rules to follow. Try asking him to be us for once”

“Here they go again. Out the door as usual”


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