On some occassions I have asked myself the origin of lop rabbits in Malaysia. Approximately 10 years ago, I came across some decent rabbits in this shop hidden somewhere in the corner of an infamous shopping complex. The owner, a lady alleged that her rabbits are all imported and by the looks of it, I am convinced. The prices for her rabbits were outrageous of course and being a high school student at that time, it was impossible for me to start off this expensive hobby.

Two years back before embarking on this Holland Lop quest, I did gave the lady mentioned above a call to inquire if she has anymore rabbits with her. I last saw her approximately 5 years ago selling what she claimed to be Netherland Dwarfs in a famous Flea Market at an upscale location. So the phone calls did not went too well because I felt that she was really dodgy.

She mentioned that she has got rabbits with her and she will be able to meet up. The catch is, I have to pay for her transportation and also, I must take the rabbit – no questions asked. I told myself to forget about this lady forever. God knows where she get some last minute stocks and tries to push them to me.

Every bunny for her is purebred. That’s the scariest part of all.

Now, that brings me to the title of my post today. I am very convinced that the first batch of rabbits I saw from this lady was indeed of imported quality because I have not seen such nice specimens. She has got a few breeds and I did not notice if there were any purebred Holland Lops. I am sure amongst those cages, there were one or 2 lop ear rabbits.

I am now wondering if Holland Lop has indeed landed in Malaysia 10 years ago and all the lop ears are indeed descended from that batch of rabbits. It would be really interesting if someone could trace the lineage back to those rabbits that I have seen.

Another question that lingers around my mind is that, could a well built and stocky Holland Lop evolved into a narrow and elongated Holland Lop?

Could the climate affect the physical appearance of a Holland Lop? And through the generation being bred locally, could there be a possibility of changes in the overall physical appearance?

And again, I could care less about dogs but based on past experience researching about dogs, I did notice some SIBERIAN HUSKIES transforming into overgrown SPITZ. The most obvious changes I notice with these dogs were the fur texture. They have lost all thickness and through time, they became smaller compared to their counterparts in the country of origin. Just like how Asians are compared to Caucasians. Those from the western countries are bigger in built compared to us tiny winny Asians.

I am indeed doing this observation with my rabbits. I am breeding them locally and I am giving myself some time to do a good observation. The only differences for them would be the climate as I am feeding them imported pellets and hays.

I hope that their physical appearance does not change overtime but of course I do expect their fur texture to change because the temperature is warmer at this end. If their physical appearance changes in the sense whereby body type starts to change through the generations, then it would mean that my effort to breed them locally is in vain.

Unless, if I can simulate 4 seasons within the comfort of my own home.

Quite an expensive and impossible feat to go through in the name of Holland Lops. I will DEFINITELY NOT go there!



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3 responses to “Evolution

  1. Hmm…this is interesting. I have never thought about the breeds changing and adapting over time. I do know that in Jersey Woolies you can definately tell which are raised in the south and in the north. Their coats are totally different(thicker in the north) and bunnies in the south have much longer ears(to keep cool with all that wool). Many of us in the south import northern lines to improve our stock, as I’m trying to do now. This post has made me think about the importance of climate shaping our breeds…it seems like there are still a lot of questions unanswered. Time will tell I suppose!

  2. I know weather affects the ear length, if its hot you usually will get those long “summer ears” :X

    What breeds do you commonly see in Malaysia? Do many people have purebred/show/quality rabbits?

    Susie 🙂

  3. Oh NO!!! That’s what we’re getting all the time. LONG EARS! Thanks for the tip Susie…

    Is that through Natural Selection meaning to say longer ears needed to release more heat faster? But that could take ages and should not affect household pets right? Have you experience such situations through generations of breeding?

    We only started to have Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs in Malaysia recently. And not many people go into keeping Show Quality rabbits because we do not have shows here. Hopefully soon.

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