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Day 33: Videos!

Here is a video of them diggin’ into the food bowl. They are a greedy lot. Check out the synchronized lip sync.

For that reason, I had to take more precaution measures by feeding them a little of Benebac gel. Skor have the same reaction when I swipe a little of the gel on their mouths. They first go into a little fit jumping up and down and then they cannot stop cleaning themselves up! Just so cute to watch. I spotted one cleaning on 2 hind legs. Then the camera was a little shaky and that was BlueBerry’s job for tugging on the camera’s safety lead.

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There goes my MENTOR

I am really sadden by the news that my all time favorite rabbit breeder and someone that I look up to as mentor has decided to get out of rabbits. I am not going to mention names because I do not know if that person will like it not coming from her own mouth.

This person has written great articles and I have always referred to whenever I am in doubt with my rabbits. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from her.

Nonetheless, I wish her all the best in all the other commitments that made her give up this wonderful hobby which I am sure was a super duper difficult decision for her.

Her rabbitry will always be a legacy and I will not give up until I reach her standard of perfection.

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