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What’s next for me? : Tattoo

The next most important thing for a purebred bunny after the pedigree is tattoo. Although a rabbit do not need to be tattooed to prove that it is purebred, it is always good to have a form of identification so that it can be included as part of the pedigree. Without an identification, the rabbit can be easily replaced with another which may have similarity in its physical appearance.

The next thing that I would like to learn is how to tattoo a rabbit. I know it hurts them a little and for me, it is very important to identify my rabbits since they are the first generation out of imported specimens. At least I am able to trace my rabbits in a long run.

But first, I need to get myself a set of tattooing tools. A rabbit tattoo kit that is. We’ll see how it goes from here…

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Noobie’s Tummie

Thought that would rhyme and I love rhymes especially coming out of my own brain.

Here’s a video to illustrate what I am trying to say here:

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The Great Feast Days

Every other day, the bunnies in Meadow Haven will be given fresh vegetables. A big bowl full of chopped Bok Choy, Celery, Carrot & Chinese Parsley is the usual menu. I must say that they eat more fresh vegetables as compared to myself. I am not a fan of vegetables but I do have them as much as I can.

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