Plump Mo

Found both Charl & Mo on the wire this morning. Apparently they managed to wiggle out of the nest box. Their sizes are still comparably different and I spotted a huge tummy on Mo. I could almost recognize the tummy which I have seen on Susie’s blog and it was the same one that I posted a comment asking about how the tummy got so big.

Also, I could relate immediately with her when she mentioned in one of her blogs that you can almost recognize a champ in the litter. I can see some potentials in Noobie’s litter although they are just 1 week old.

I realized that there are less photos taken on Noobie’s litter. I wonder why. LOL…

Shall snap some this evening.

Mo was fatter than this when I saw him this morning.

It is really funny how these 2 turned out. We have one big and the other smaller. One with almost full markings and the other filled with white. My wife relates them to Yin Yang. They also reminds me of photography where one seemed to be a fully developed photo whereas the other seemed to be the negatives.

These two really makes me laugh and I must give credit to Noobie. Seems that she could bring back to life even the smallest kit. Amazing…


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2 responses to “Plump Mo

  1. Yes, please do post pics of the two, I’d love to see plump Mo and little Charl too. 😉 They just grow so fast! Glad to hear they are doing great, Noobie is such a great mom.

  2. Awe!! Now I want a litter soooo bad. Lol You are so blessed!

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