Day 11: Charl Falling Behind Mo

I am starting to get a little worried about Charl because it is very obvious that Mo is growing much bigger as days go by. Mo has started coming out of the nest box in search for milk and Charl is always seen hiding in the nest box still. I hope Noobie remembers that she has 2 kits to feed so that although Mo comes out, she should still go into the nest box to feed Charl.

The difference in size is really obvious and I hope Charl does not fall back into being a tiny weenie runt again.

Let’s cheer for Charl…

Children & baby animals are the best combination in life:

Baby Beth shaking hands with Mo. LOL…

P.S.: Mo opened eyes today but Charl still got them shut



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3 responses to “Day 11: Charl Falling Behind Mo

  1. Come on Charl! I’m praying for you little guy. Thanks for the comments on my blog, I really value your opinions and advice. I agree with you-I could never ‘cull’ any animal but you would be surprised how many breeders in this area DO and then feed them to their dogs.:-( I pray for the best outcome for all of our babies and through strict screening I think they’ll have a better chance of having a forever home. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  2. yeah, I believe if a breeder see something like Charl, it wouldn’t survive for 2 reasons. One, Charl seemed like a runt. Two, lack of colored patches – a Charlie. But I am definitely keeping this little one…precioussSssss….

  3. Daphie

    Cute cute Cute Cuteness beyond words….

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