Charl & Mo Day 17: All was well until…

The moment I reached home this evening I told myself I must take a few shots of the kits today.

After 2 hours of cleaning up, making a call to get monthly rabbit supplies and separated both Luna & Eclipse from BlueBerry into their individual cages, I picked up the camera and headed to Noobie’s cage.

I took a few shots of them with mommy and their cuteness was so irresistible. I thought to myself that Charl is becoming such a cutie pie and to be honest, he/she is starting to be my heart bunny. Mainly because he/she has beaten the odds of being a small runty fellow but now fast catching up.

And all of a sudden, Charl just went POP! He/she jumped so high and in such a fast motion, I was unable to save him/her from this 5 feet plunge to the floor. I still cannot forgive myself for what has happened in such lighting speed! Felt like kicking myself to death really!

After a little dazed moment, Charl was back on its feet. I pinched all his/her toes to make sure there is still senses. He/she was walking around the cage and seemed normal. I felt its entire body fearing that something may be broken. Nothing seemed to be out of place.

This little fellow will have 24 hours surveillance tonight. It felt like a piece of my heart just got torn.

Everyone reading this, please send some prayers over here alright? Your prayers has been great help and miracle that Charl made it through the runty stage. Just need it to pass through this one more hurdle.

And so rightly said by Arwen of LOTR:

“What grace is given me let it pass to him, let him be spared, save him.”



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7 responses to “Charl & Mo Day 17: All was well until…

  1. kelvin

    Do you had any rabbit for adoption?If you do, please contact me thru my email. Thank you.

  2. Hi Kelvin,

    No rabbits available at the moment. Don’t mind introducing yourself via email to I will get in touch with you once I have anything available. Really appreciate it thanks.

  3. furrybutts

    Hi TLR,

    Looks like you’re constantly receiving adoption queries 😀 It’s nice that you sometimes put rabbits up for adoption. You’re doing pet lovers a favour in giving them a good quality rabbit FOC (Free of Charge). Kudos to you!

    That’s my personal view of adoptions.. some people disagree and think that by offering to adopt someone’s rabbits (e.g. your rabbits), they are actually doing YOU a favour by taking the rabbit off your hands and so they deserve to be given a rabbit upon demand, lol! Funny, huh?

    I don’t comprehend that line of thought.. It’s clear that you love your rabbits and you will never consider them a burden. I’m sure you’d rather keep them forever than give them up to a bad home just because someone demands it of you.

    Anyways, I digress. Apologies for all that rambling haha! I just wanted to say that it’s very generous of you to offer rabbits for adoption and I hope they all go to great forever homes, with people who deserve them 🙂

  4. jtl

    How’s little Charl doing?

  5. Hannah

    This happened to my little baby while I was walking him back to the cage. I was reaching to open the door and as soon as I did the little runt wiggled off. Luckily, I was fast enought to catch him softly after he fell just a few inches. He was fine. I was the one that was a wreck and shakey!

  6. Hi Hannah,

    I know exactly what you mean when you said wreck and shakey. I am glad that Charl is doing alright now.

  7. nicoty_yne

    How’s Charl? I hope s/he’s ok… And i hope s/he dont get any tauma from th fall… Keep us update about these little fellas k. They’re so lovely and adorable..

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