Split Penis

I read of breeders showing their doe and one fine day, the doe turned out to be a buck (descended testicles). On further investigation, most often then not, the “doe” turns out to be a buck with split penis. I have always wondered how does a split penis look like and thanks to Donna Williams for sharing these photos in her PhotoBucket. These photos are not mine. I am just placing a link to Donna Williams photo album just as a reference for my readers.





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5 responses to “Split Penis

  1. nicoty_yne

    “NEVER BREED A BUCK WITH SPLIT PENIS!” U mean this is kinda deform appearance?

  2. yes. this is a form of deformity which is hereditary. will pass on from generations to generations.

  3. nicoty_yne

    owh.. thanx for the info..

  4. Keysha

    I already breed my Holland lop and the buck had that will it make the babies have one if their bucks or no

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