Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 4: Havoc



“Ouch, I feel a little dizzie mommy”

“I told you to stay still when master holds you but it is his fault for holding you up so high up for such a long time. Are you alright my dear?”

“I think so”

“Anything broken there?”

“At least I am still able to walk”

“Can you see anyone down there?”

“There’s this huge black and white head staring at me”

“That must be your daddy. Say hi to him while you’re still there”

“Little one, where are your patches?”


“Oh nevermind, were you trying out bungee without the ropes? You may end up going there Aunt Latara went last half moon phase”

“Mommy, what is this huge thing saying?”

“Never mind him dear, do you think you can get back up here?”

“Here comes the tentacles! I am floating! WoooOOooo. Ouch! Mommy he’s pinching my toes!”

“Much has been happening as of late. We got one of the clan member dead with reason still unknown. I don’t need another one going to the land of no return”

“BlueBerry, the kits graduating soon?”

“Yeah, I overheard master talking about Tika & Medith going to their new home this weekend. Luna & Eclipse just went away”

“Mommy, we’re here!”

“Oh, these are the kits, they have been here for quite a while and I was wondering who they were”

“Those are your kits, Skor”

“Wow, this is really my empire. I have my kit falling from the sky and I see my kits every corner I turn”

“Mommy, this giant is ugly. It has fur stuck out on its body”

“Your time will come too and it is call The Great Fur Fall”

“EwwWWww, I don’t want to be like him”

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