Happy Beginnings

BlueBerry’s kits are exactly 8 weeks today. Since I am keeping Eclipse and Luna, Medith and Tika was due to go to their new homes.

Medith was taken by a close friend and she named her Miss Muffet. We headed to Pet Shack to get her a new cage and it was such a nice cage. I personally LOVE it and RECOMMENDS it for all new rabbit owners. This rabbit cage is the BOMB and I would say the most suitable for rabbits by far. It comes equipped with pee guard and pee will never leak from the sides.

Here’s a photo of Miss Muffet in her new home:

As for Tika, she is now known as Tinga. Her new owners D and T together with SB and P came over for dinner. We had so much laughter together talk bunnies and some other interesting stuff. I really enjoyed their company and it was great fun having gatherings like these. To further elaborate about Tinga, I just like to show an old photo.


Does this look familiar?

I must also add that nothing else brings me greater joy then to see my kits going to great homes. Today I sent not only one but 2 of my kits to bring cheer to 2 households. They are and will be great bunny owners. May Tinga and Ms. Muffet bring everlasting joy to their new owners!


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  1. nicoty_yne

    Wah.. they reach the new homes aredi? I hope we can still view their photos in their new homes. And like u said, may Tinga and Ms Muffet bring everlasting joy to their new owners. And the cage u recommend here, i just got it yesterday with a cheap price from the petshop near my area. And like u said, this cage is a bomb. I finally solve Dinky’s litter problem since she lost her good litter habit after she gave birth. And this cage really suits the small kits since i havent introduce the litter train to them :D..

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