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4 Months Of Daily Post

Since June, I have been posting on a daily basis and at times, I felt that the quality of my post may have deteriorated. It has been fun writing on a daily basis but have to admit that I do find it hard posting great contents all the time. As I have mentioned many times, the number of daily visit serve as an indicator for me.

I am happy to have documented most of my journey raising these wonderful rabbits and I hope to share more experiences as I go through them in future.

I will not be posting on a daily basis anymore starting today and I hope that my faithful readers will go through older posts. Also visit my list of favorite websites as well.

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Although I have been handling all my rabbits daily, I found that Eclipse and Luna has poor control over their bowels and bladder. They poop quite a lot while I handle them and on occasions, pees on me. LOL. I hope this do not turn into a habit. I do not want them to associate waste elimination with handling.

What about you? Have you experience the same with your rabbits? Would really appreciate it if you could share your side of story.

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Tru-Luv Luna: Broken Siamese Sable or Broken Smoke Pearl Holland Lop?

Honestly, I did not know of such color in Holland Lop until now. I have seen Siamese Sable in Netherland Dwarfs mostly. I never imagine getting such a rare one emerging in my rabbitry. It would be really nice to see them grow into seniors with good body type. Eclipse was not in good shape for photos today. They have both over groomed each other through the cage partition. Here are some photos of Luna at her best:

UPDATE: It is still debatable if she is a Broken Siamese Sable or Broken Smoke Pearl


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4 More Days & There Will Be Less Posts

It has been 3 months now that I have been posting on a daily basis. I will continue to post on a daily basis up to the end of this month and it will soon be occassional posts.

I will be having a busy schedule as the year end draws near. Furthermore, there isn’t much happenings in Meadow Haven.

I will post if anything interesting crops up.

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Correction: BlueBerry’s Litter Color

I am so sorry for the blunder made earlier. I forgot the fact that there are always possibilities of getting the most outrageous color when the genes of 2 rabbits come together. This is the first time that it has been proven that information on the pedigree by no means justify the genetic make up. The way I see it, in Skor’s pedigree, he has got a lot of black & occassionally chocolate ancestors whereas Blueberry’s pedigree showed mostly blacks and blues (broken too).

I was very much convinced when the kits were born, they looked very different. Sometimes they looked lilac, sometimes light blue. But lately, Luna and Eclipse has showed me none of my guesses were right. I stumbled across a similar color yesterday over at Golden Sunrise Rance. There is a Broken Siamese Sable Junior Doe that looked like Luna and her siblings called Fun Fur’s Sprite. And thanks to Susie of Wooly World Rabbitry, she also thought they were Broken Siamese Sables.

I did mention that I am proud to own the first litter of broken blue bunnies in one of the newspaper interviews recently. I have to make that correction too. First litter of Broken Siamese Sable in Malaysia!

I hope I do not have to make another correction in the near future. We all learn through experience don’t we?


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Thoughts Of Revamping

Once again, my mind is playing tricks on me. I just got new ideas on how my next shelf units would be. This time around I will make sure that cages are easily removed. The waste system idea will be dropped as I have figure out better and more efficient ideas to handle the waste.

I shall be introducing new pee guards this time and with the removal of the pipes for the waste system, I hope to have more space to work around as I am fast gaining weight. I believe by Chinese New Year 2009, I will be too huge to fit into the little aisle to get Luna out for jump trainings. LOL…

We shall see if this will materialize by year end.

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A Foreign Object, Successful Jumps & Perspiration

Every morning, I will give every Junior bunny a handful of Oxbow Alfafa. I am normally very sleepy and do not really go through every clutch of hay that I pick up. In the evening while I was cleaning up their quarters, I found a gruesome foreign object in Noobie’s feeding bowl. When I scrutinize it further, guess what I found?

Locust!!! The upper half of a giant locust that is. This is not the first time I found locus in Alfafa Hay. I guess it is a sign that the hay are of good quality and therefore, having locust in every bag would mean that less pesticide were used. I hope it was half a locust that got into the feeding bowl and not a whole locus because if it was, then either Noobie or one of the kits had chewed the other half of it.

This evening was my first attempt training Luna to jump over the DIY obstacle I made last night. I started off letting her roam around the kitchen area and she just did not stop urinating near my cabinets. After 3 puddles of pee, she got warmed up roaming around. Then I started putting her behind the obstacle and gave her a few nudges while saying the word “JUMP”. I guess she has got more SHOW genes in her than JUMPING genes. First few minutes she just show posed:

Since she was show posing, I got distracted and started looking out for standard conformation instead. And I notice something very obvious. I am starting to doubt that she and the rest of BlueBerry’s litter was pure Broken Blue. They have got darker markings on their faces, ears and root of their tails. I am now wondering if they are Broken Siamese Blue Point. I do not know if there is such a variety but I am quite sure they do not look pure blue to me. At times their lighter shade looks lilac to me. Skor’s a chocolate carrier and he being broken black and crossing with BlueBerry which is a solid blue I wonder if this color was possible.

Alright, I suddenly realize that I have a mission this evening noticing the obstacle is still standing upright in front of me so I came back to earth.

After a few more tries putting her behind the obstacles and repeating myself, I finally got something going:

I made her go a few rounds and she started perspiring below her nose! I notice all my rabbits “sweat” below their noses when the temperature rises a little. Not to mention I was sweating all over myself. I need to find somewhere cooling to train next time (the living room perhaps if she stops urinating that much). I believe that a little bunny has got much shorter attention span compared to its owner (suspected with ADD) and I should extend training time gradually. 5 successful jumps is good enough to call it a day.

And while I put her back into her cage, she gave me a good scratch on the shoulder – I took it as a pat on the back well done! LOL…..


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Alternative Bunny Fun Activity

I submitted a post entitled “Rabbit Agility” 2 days ago and some of you may have taken special interest in it. Since we do not have rabbit shows in Malaysia, I thought maybe we can all enjoy our rabbits in a different way. I am sure even a mixed breed can go through those obstacles without needed to produce a pedigree.

But first, I need to get the measurements for the obstacles before I start constructing one to train one of my rabbits. I think Luna would be a great candidate for this because she has been acting really shy these days and I need more interaction with her.

Will start with one obstacle this evening (construction on the way). LOL! I shall post a photo of the DIY training obstacle once it is done.

For those interested please follow the following links:



If you understand German then:


I am sure this new activity will bring more benefit to both rabbit and owner. Good exercise for rabbit, great bonding opportunity for owner. Time for some ALTERNATIVE BUNNY FUN!

My inspiration:

UPDATE: I just finish constructing the DIY obstacle/jump. Presenting the first DIY Bunny Jump in TLR (drum roll)….

Training starts tomorrow (I am too tired now). LOL…


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BlueBerry’s on a rampage!

My sweet BlueBerry has transformed into a monster again. I guess she is ready to mate again and frustrated not being able to. I am putting her on hold first based on the result of the last litter. I know it is too soon to pass judgment but as I have mentioned many times, I have limited space for another litter so I am reserving it for Holly Hope.

BlueBerry was very mean last night. Although there were a few failed attempts to give me a nip, she did gave me some mean kung fu flying kicks…

I could almost imagine that panda that does the flying kick on the big screen recently just that she is a rabbit. Just imagine a big mean and long blue Holland Lop giving you a flying kick. To a certain extend, she reminds me of a fetal giant that survived. Huge head, short front limbs and a elongated body which gives me the impression of Slinky running out of the idiot box while I watch that “story about toys”

I know the Flemish Giants are comparative to the Great Danes of the Dog world, but BlueBerry is indeed my Great Dane! That little big blue monster that I love!

There is definitely good use for that long body (accommodate more kits perhaps). LOL…

I still believe she is able to give me her head and color on top of Skor’s short ears and body type.

But for now, she will have loads of toys to take out the frustration! Aggression in unaltered rabbits is a common thing every rabbit owner must endure.


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Bunny Agility?

I found this very interesting video this morning. They have a dog agility competition equivalent for rabbits. Very interesting and I should try training one of my bunnies to do this sort of stuff. It is amazing how these bunny people can train their rabbits to be so focused. Total fun!


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