Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 5: What’s cooking today?

“I smell something!”

~sniff sniff~

“Master’s brewing something again”

“It does smell familiar”

“We’re having alzheimers already?”

“Here he comes with the bowls!”

(with apple skin garnishing – not for eating though)

“Oh Boy! This smells really good”

“I am munching. I see a Sell A Rie”

“Sell A Rie!? That’s my favourite!”

“I think there’s an Apt Tle somewhere in there too”

“Mommy, can I have some of those?”

“I am sorry my dear, these are for adults only”

“But why mommy?”

“Oh please stop the whys now”

“But mommy…”

“No more buts too and master’s bringing some Al Pha Pha”

~munch munch munch~


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