My Favourite Holland Lops

The internet has been the greatest place for me because I am able to get so much information out of it. If it was not for the Internet, I would not know about this wonderful breed.

Most of the websites that I visit are either Holland Lop blogs or rabbitry websites. And after so long, you would guess that I have visited tons of them. And today I realized that I ought to write a post about my favorite Holland Lops on cyberspace and why I fell in love with them. I have NOT asked permission to feature the rabbits on this blog so if you happen to find your rabbit photo link here and not please about it, please let me know and I will remove it/them with an apology.

1. GC The Nature Trail’s Rio

Rio was in fact the first rabbit that caught my attention. I started this hobby because of this handsome buck. I was very attracted to its “bulldoggish” face.

2. GC The Nature Trail’s Myrddin

Definitely the short ears!

3. GC Camelot’s Merlin

Again, it was the head and of course the cute stumpy body

4. THF Saynora’s Qwade

One-word, MASSIVE!

5. ELS’s Royce

Cuteness unlimited! I was really sadden by the fact this little cute buck has since passed. I used to see rabbits from ELS on their website and I love most of their rabbits because of the varieties and soundness of type.

6. GC Sarah’s Miriam

I love the coat on this one.

7. FRR Bravado

Muscles all over? LOL

8. Holland Haven’s Merlot

I love the Lilac color on this one.

9. Rabbit Hill’s Jasmine

Christina is famous for breeding colored Holland Lops and this is one of the finest I have seen her posting on her website.

10. Rabbit Hill’s Marina

Another unique color in Christina’s lineup.

Please note that the order of the rabbits mentioned does not in away way project their ranking in my opinion. They just happen to be my favorites that’s all. The conclusion that I can achieve out of seeing all these rabbits from different rabbitries is that, every breeder have an objective to work on and by looking at their rabbits, there are distinctive “trademarks” on them. For example, Laurie of The Nature Trail as we all know love to have short ears in her lines coupled with very typey body and THF Saynora in my opinion breeds a lot of massiveness into their herd. As we can also see, the TORT variety has more type compared to Rabbit Hill’s colored varieties.

I guess at the end of the day it is like life, you will never get a perfect 10 in this world. If you emphasize on colors, you may lose out in body type and if you’re preferences are the body type, you may lose some on the color. Ultimately, I am sure when these 2 collides, we shall get great Holland Lops in both body type and colors!

As for Tru-Luv Rabbitry, I have got a lot of work to do! Even Skor in my opinion is only half way there. Slowly but surely, I shall achieve my dream…

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  1. Awesome post! I enjoyed looking at your favorites and reading the comments about them.:-) Neat!!

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