Tru-Luv Luna: Broken Siamese Sable or Broken Smoke Pearl Holland Lop?

Honestly, I did not know of such color in Holland Lop until now. I have seen Siamese Sable in Netherland Dwarfs mostly. I never imagine getting such a rare one emerging in my rabbitry. It would be really nice to see them grow into seniors with good body type. Eclipse was not in good shape for photos today. They have both over groomed each other through the cage partition. Here are some photos of Luna at her best:

UPDATE: It is still debatable if she is a Broken Siamese Sable or Broken Smoke Pearl



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5 responses to “Tru-Luv Luna: Broken Siamese Sable or Broken Smoke Pearl Holland Lop?

  1. It looks like Luna’s head will be nice, very nice when she’s older. Wow, I just love her color! She sure likes to pose nicely too.;-)

  2. She is a natural poser. LOL. I can’t say the same for Eclipse as he has been quite reluctant to pose lately. Regrettably, I should have place a barrier together with the partition to stop them from over grooming each other since I separated them. The only thing I can do now is wait for their fur to grow.

  3. brittney

    aw shes so cuteee 🙂
    theres no doubt that her fur is smoke pearl.
    i just got a smoke pearl holland lop yesterday, they are gorgeous.

  4. She is definitely a Broken Siamese Sable. Smoke Pearls must have gray ears and gray markings. Your rabbit has dark brown ears. Just look up a Siamese Sable and a Smoke Pearl. Now imagine white splashed across it (broken). Beautiful broken siamese sable!

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