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My First “The Hollander”

I received my first issue of The Hollander yesterday. My wife forgotten all about it and it was left in the car. When I went into the car this morning I was surprise to have a mail from Chris Zemny. Without second thoughts, I knew it must be The Hollander. In fact, I was starting to wonder when I will get an issue of it.

I took a quick glance while I was driving. Yes, you can actually read something while driving in Malaysia because the traffic is just too horrible and beyond imagination. I can see ladies putting on their make ups, people eating their sandwiches and of course, reading the newspaper.

Back to The Hollander. This Fall issue features the 2007 Top Lops and goodness gracious, when I look at those lops (on black & white printing mind you), I was dumbstruck, speechless and my breath was taken away – literally!

These are mind blowing LOPS! They are just so spectacular and flawless.

I then turned the pages to the sweepstakes list and was so happy to see all my favorite breeders listed. To be listed on the sweepstake is an affirmation of the quality and standard of Holland Lops produced.

My mind suddenly wanders away thinking about all the sell outs that I have read about. And looking at some names on the list, I feel happy as we’ll be seeing some of these breeders around for many more years to come but at the same time, I cannot help but to feel sad that some will not make it to that list for a while. They will be truly missed.

Well, since Christmas is around the corner, this would be my life long Christmas wish to Santa. I wish one day I could work with any of these great breeders that has produced all the Top Lops in the States. I hope one day, I will be able to ship some of these finest Holland Lops into Malaysia.

I recently read about this German farmer sending his German Giant rabbits to North Korea as a breeding programme to feed the poor. I am not poor but I was hoping that some Holland Lop breeders have some outreach programmes to develop the breed in other countries. If they have such programmes, I will definitely be the first to register for it. LOL…

On the other hand, the rabbit network has been really quiet these days. I believe many people are still enjoying themselves at the Convention or they are recuperating from it.

Just got a greeting from Susie and she had taken loads of photos of Holland Lops for me. Cannot wait to see all her photos. She takes great photos!


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NIC Panels Available In Malaysia

Neat Idea Cubes (NIC)…

*photo courtesy of Cookie&Twix of Rabbits United forum

I know most of us have been searching hi and low for these panels.

And I believe some of us even dreamed of building one of these super enclosures for our little buhnies.

Our friend at Pet Epicure has got em!

Take a look at their own setup here.

So, if you want to materialize this dream of yours (or should I say your buhny’s dream), get in touch with Ms. Alicia of Pet Epicure Sdn Bhd.

Her contact details:


tel. no: 03-41072973

And did I mention that Pet Epicure also provide superb boarding service? They have a very classy cat boarding facility and I am sure you can get a room for your buhny whenever you need to be away for the festives.

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That’s Muh Boy Skor

It’s been a while since I last put up a photo of Tru-Luv’s one and only favorite boy. So since it is the last day of my long weekend, I thought of giving all the buhnies a nail cutting session and naturally, I felt like posting something about Skor.

So far, this boy never misses a litter. Each time I mate him with any of the does, he gets the job done. And talking about taking the extra mile, he give quite a number of kits. As far as quality is concern, he needs a great doe to compliment him. That is why the combination of him and Hope is highly anticipated. I do not want to put too high a hope for the two of them to avoid great disappointment. I just want to enjoy the entire process and be happy with whatever I am getting out of it.


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urineOFF Those Stubborn Stain

Alicia of Pet Epicure recently sent me information about the latest product that her shop carries call urineOFF. I was very interested to check this new product out because I have not encountered any other that is able to remove those stubborn calcium deposit buildups that we love to hate in rabbit urine.

So this is the review that I would like to share with everyone on my experience with urineOFF for small animals.

These are the steps given at urineOFF official website for litter trays:

1. Empty the litter box

2. Wash and dry as usual, being careful to rinse away all traces of

3. Liberally coat the entire box, inside and out, with Urine Off.

4. Allow to air dry – 30 minutes or so.

5. Initially it may take more than one treatment to remove built-up urine.

Once box is odor-free, wipe with a paper towel and put it back in service!

As instructed, I sprayed on Hope’s plastic litter tray and allow the bio-enzymes to work their wonders. I left the litter tray for approximately 30 minutes to be air dried.

This is the litter tray before:

And this is the litter tray after:

Alright, let’s be realistic here. It is 2 am in the morning and I am trying to prove that this product actually works! But I did not have the patience to wait for the 30 full minutes so I settled for 20 minutes of air drying the litter tray after spraying with urineOFF. I must admit that the stain came off easily with a little scrubbing. I had the impression that the stain would come off without a scrub but as I said, we must be realistic here. Those are stubborn stains that has been accumulated for the past few weeks and without urineOFF, it is impossible to get rid even if you scrub it for 30 minutes. With urineOFF the scrub was made easier. I believe if I leave the urineOFF for longer time, it would be squeky clean.

As for now, I am very satisfied with the outcome. Let’s see if I can make Skor’s litter tray look brand new. I believe I have to soak it overnight. His litter tray is the ultimate. If urineOFF can clean his litter tray, it can clean anything!

It smells really good too I must say!

We shall see…

And by the way, Moesha finally posed for me and wanted to say “Hello” to everyone:


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Run & Pop Successfully

So far I have read about the difficulties of breeding Holland Lops and the trend seemed to extend to other breeds as well. Most of what I read are coming from breeders with barns and their rabbits are kept in cages for long period of time.

I am wondering if the kindling problems are somehow related to the reason that most of these breeding does are kept in cages for long periods.

The reason behind my thoughts is that I used to have a Golden Retriever and my dad brings her out for walks everyday when she was pregnant. She had 6 beautiful pups in just 30 minutes. We have never seen such easy delivery. We attributed this to the daily walks.

As for humans, I have been told that most pregnant women that has reasonable exercise like brisk walking, tend to have very easy delivery. Could this be true?

I actually attributed the latest successful kindling of both BlueBerry & Noobie to the 4 feet cages that I provide them and also the regular runs that they get around the house.

But I cannot deny the fact that most Dwarf Breeds tend to have larger heads and the occasional stuck kit incidents are expected. It is quite similar for dogs with bigger heads and shorter muzzle like the Boxer & Bulldog.

But my point is, would it help if pregnant does are given ample of runs?

Does feral rabbits have very high success rates because they get all the exercises they need?

Maybe the stamina that they build from having regular runs will help them with the pushing? Maybe the muscles that they build will help them through the contractions?

I believe these are all reasonable possibilities. I shall experiment this with Holly Hope come November.

Just a thought worth pondering.

On the side note, thanks to Lindsey for highlighting the link to ARBA convention, This ARBA convention is such a huge production. You should take a look at all the preparations undertaken. MASSIVE Production this one. I hope one day we have such huge rabbit shows in Malaysia. It would be fun but of course you will never run away from loads of bickering and back bitings because people in general just DO NOT LIKE LOSING. If only we learn to have fun and practice good learning attitude, then I believe it will be such a worthwhile hobby. At the moment, no point just having an ARBA Production here with just 2 breeds to compete and less than 50 entries. LOL!!!

I would LOVE to attend ARBA convention one day and look for people like Susie, Laurie (if she still attends) & Christina!

Malaysian government is known to send their staff to pig farms overseas on a learning trip. I wish they could send me there for a rabbit breeds learning trip although I am not a government officer. Pretty please….


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Molting Mo…

This little precious is having a minor molt. Thanks to Furminator, I got quite a lot of loose fur out last nite.

She’s a little lazy and I got a little disappointed that she did not pose for me this time around.

She is growing up looking like mummy, Noobie


Such a lazy bun…

Since I was so disappointed with Mo for not posing for me, I turned my attention to my natural poser, Luna. She really know how to work her way into my heart through her poses. She’s a natural.

Luna finally has some control over her bowels unfortunately not her bladders. She “officiated” the new carpet I bought for the grooming table with her pee…

If only the 2 front legs get thicker…

I love it when she does this…

Also, I have updated the My Does page.


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I Found My PEARL In Holly Hope

… you’ll find a pearl soon to base your line on. And it might not be the rabbit you suspect”

Those were the exact words my all time favorite Holland Lop breeder and mentor, Laurie Stroupe told me quite recently. And true enough, I saw my pearl today. In full BLOOM.

I remember very clearly that faithful day, April 17th to be exact. I came home from work and found Noobie just done kindling. There were 2 viable kits. One bigger than the other. I recognized the unique color on the smaller one. After placing both of them in a makeshift warming box, I was occupied cleaning up the aftermath of what seemed to be a kindling gone terribly wrong. Three and a half (yes, unformed fetus) dead broken chocolate kits was what I found at the place of the incident.

After burying the dead kits, I then turned my attention to the 2 viable kits. I should have concentrated on them first because I noticed the bigger kit was fading away. This was something I regret dreadfully. The bigger kit was a solid chocolate! The poor kit breadth its last not too long after and I was left feeling beaten up.

And then there were one last HOPE. Thus, Holly Hope was born…

In conjunction of her being a Senior Doe on the 17th of October (Yes! She’s 6 months), I am dedicating this long post to her. We shall go through a series of photo to celebrate this phenomenal little beautiful Lilac Holland Lop.

We celebrate LIFE today.

Since the day she was born, she was loved by both Noobie & Me. I held her in my palm every single day

This photo affirmed to me that she has got great potential

Fast forward to the present day, Holly Hope greets me at the doorstep every evening when I return home from work. I make it a point to feel happy stepping into Meadow Haven. I guess it is more of the herd giving my heart the true happiness.

My first satisfied customer using the grooming table. I found a great fitting carpet in IKEA (coincidentally, the size fits nicely).

In my eyes, that’s perfect…LOL…

Come November 22nd 2008, I might decide to have a mother and daughter tag team on Skor. LOL. I am putting down all strategies and contingency plans I can possibly think of to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Tru-Luv Rabbitry needs all the prayers come Christmas 2008 for the most anticipated kindling ever. So please send good vibes this way. All prayers would be much appreciated.


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In dire need…

I am in fact in dire need of a herd buck to replace Skor. He is the only buck I have at the moment and losing him (touch wood) would mean the end of Tru-Luv Rabbitry unless I plan to get a replacement flown in again.

Slowly but surely, I am training myself not to be too attached and always hold strong to the belief that as long as there are good Holland Lop breeders out there, I will be able to find great stocks. But it is easier said than done. It is impossible not to have feelings for these little creatures and it is only the cold-hearted that has got no remorse losing their pet.

After going through some deaths in the rabbitry, I tend to console myself that it is alright if I face another death and to make myself feel better, I sometimes remind myself that it will never be the end of this great hobby.

Ever felt the fear of losing your rabbits? How do you cope?


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Slow Sunday

And then, there were 6…

A very slow weekend for the bunnies. I am not sure if they are missing Charlyz and Eclipse but they sure look a little depressed. LOL…

I spent the entire Sunday Morning fixing up pee guards for BlueBerry and Luna. The pee guard did not slant enough and pee gets collected at the end of the pee guards. Took me 2 hours to mess around in the rabbitry.

Fed all the ADULTS with papaya and boy did they miss those papayas. I personally love papaya too and I promised myself to eat them more often so that the bunnies get a piece each too.

I have yet to try out the grooming table because I did not have the time to look for a piece of carpet to be fitted in the grooming area. Shall go buy some later.

Just another weekend lazing around both bunnies and humans alike.

Have a nice remainder of the weekend people!

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Charlyz & Eclipse Updates!

Just got photos of them and seemed like they are doing fine.

I am very pleased that their new owner sent me this “Charlyz very active.. she really go binky when i let them rooming free”.

And she sent me these photos too!

The Tru-Luv Rabbitry family has just expanded to another great home! It really makes this hobby worthwhile getting to know nice rabbit people!

Another joy shared…


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