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Moult One Moult All

I have been so lazy these days to write. I am going through a lot of reflection on personal matters and trying to work things out. It is a very crucial period for me personally.

The buhnies at Meadow Haven are bored. LOL! I believe they felt the laziness too. Skor’s going through a light moult, Moesha has been moulting quite badly and Noobie’s going through this massive moult. The amount of fur flying around the house is almost overwhelming.

For some apparent reason, I am keeping a close watch on the elections going on in the US. It is quite a historic one because the outcome of it will be a real determining factor of the overall mentality of the US citizen. I am hoping to see a truly democratic nation that could be the leader in the world to look beyond the skin color. If every human has got values regardless of race, then Obama should be the next US President. I have not gone through their contributions or whatsoever thus far, but Obama at first impression, gives me a very good feeling. He looks like a champ and has got the aura to be a PRESIDENT. McCain on the other hand reminds me of mini me of Austin Power movie. One that will continue monkeying around with the land of milk and honey. LOL…

Very sorry if you are a supporter and I know politics should not be part of what I should be writing.

Anyhow, personally, I hope to go through a moult. I hope the entire world goes through a moult so that the old can be shed and the new hope shall be a brighter future.

In case you have not shed, it is time to go through a major MOULT!


Just like to congratulate US for making a good choice! Enjoy the MOULTING season!!!


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