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Let The Fun Begin

I was thinking of pushing Holly Hope’s kindling date earlier after anticipating some tight schedule ahead.

So after going through careful calculation of estimated kindling dates, I realised that it was good to get her mated with Skor on one of the 3 consecutive Wednesdays. Yesterday being one of the good day to get her covered, I tried putting her with Skor.

I could see that it was an instant failure because, instead of allowing Skor to cover her, she “covered” Skor. LOL!

I am not too good in looking at the color of her vent and it was a little reddish though. But it is quite obvious that she wasn’t in the mood because she have not been lifting her buhny bum up whenever I go near her cage lately. She used to circle around in her cage with her bum high up a few weeks back.

Rabbits are induced ovulators and so, by having some introductions between her and Skor should stimulate her enough to be covered. I have 2 more weeks to try out before my dateline of 22nd November. In short, I need to get her covered by 22nd November if I want to get kits before Christmas 2008.

I wouldn’t want to have the kindling date too near Christmas fearing that I would be busy or the vets would be closed just in case of any emergency.

I am also hoping that Noobie would be ready to be covered the same time so that she could be my fallback doe should there be any problem that may arise.

Let’s hope & pray for some good news soon!


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