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Gold Card From FurryButts!

The nice buhny peeps over at FB (not FaceBook) gave all of us on their blogroll a BFF Gold Card. Thank you so much buhnies and humans!

I just received it and sent all buhnies at Meadow Haven for a holiday. They forgotten their camera, and I apologize on behalf of them for not posting any photos but this Gold Card I’ve received.

Thus, I am passing on this card to everyone on my BLOGROLL as well as all rabbit bloggers near and far. Claim it you guys!




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Over 5000 Thank You For All!!!

Just wanted to drop a note to thank everyone that has participated in the exercise for clicking on my posts. The blog stats registered over 5000 views yesterday.

I hope the views will keep on going higher.

I know that I have not been blogging anything interesting lately. I shall get more inspiration soon, I hope.

Thank you once again!

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