Gold Card From FurryButts!

The nice buhny peeps over at FB (not FaceBook) gave all of us on their blogroll a BFF Gold Card. Thank you so much buhnies and humans!

I just received it and sent all buhnies at Meadow Haven for a holiday. They forgotten their camera, and I apologize on behalf of them for not posting any photos but this Gold Card I’ve received.

Thus, I am passing on this card to everyone on my BLOGROLL as well as all rabbit bloggers near and far. Claim it you guys!




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10 responses to “Gold Card From FurryButts!

  1. i tot the Gold Card goes to 5 blogs? But u and FB gave it to all ur blogrolls? Including us? How’s to redeem the card then? 😛

  2. Save the image and publish on your blog.

  3. azian9100

    Can you spend me 1 big box of Oxbow Alfalfa because they got offer… buy big Box Free Bunny Basic…. hehehe..

  4. Hahahahahahahaha….sorry I used up for buhny holidays. LOL!!!! My card has been maxed out!

  5. that easy? thanx FB and TLC!!

  6. yes, it’s easy peasy like 1-2-3, a-b-c!

    Yes, TLR = TLC…Tender Loving Care!

  7. hehe.. sori for that mistake!

  8. Please don’t apologize, they are the same terms to me.

  9. err.. how to make the card appear at the side of our blog?

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