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Tears From 2 Worlds

I tend to be quite a pessimistic person. Knowing how much Holly Hope means to me and submitting to the fact that nothing is 100% safe in raising rabbits was what inspired the title of this post. Like any other title to my blog posts, each brings profound meaning to me. This one I thought of using in near future if anything bad should happen. But my memory capacity would not allow me to store it till the time something happens. So I am using it now for this post.

Sometimes negative thoughts can be very overwhelming. At the moment when I was thinking about this title, I had a thought flashing through my mind. As I have already mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to breed both Hope and Noobie to Skor. I hope both are receptive when the right time comes but Hope will be the determining doe and Noobie will act as my contingency plan. But she also must be in “season” for this to happen as well. The timing is very crucial here.

So when will tears from 2 worlds start to flow?

I believe it will happen when ironically, something fatal happens to Noobie after her having the most beautiful chocolate kit and Hope on the other side failed to kindle viable kits. Well, in case you do not know, shit can really happen when you raise rabbits. The more chocolates you desire, the more life will be like a box of chocolates (as Mr. Gump used to say)!

That would be such a huge blow for me and I am not too sure if I am prepared for it at all.

Last but not least, I would also like to ask everyone’s prayer for Lindsey of 4 Kings Rabbitry. Piper has finally kindled and she doesn’t seemed to be interested in the kits. I hope that Lindsey will be able to help the 2 out of 4 surviving kits to make it through successfully. I understand how much this litter mean to her and it would be great for them to thrive because it would also mean a lot to a little girl. Yes, Lindsey’s little daughter Hannah has grown quite attached to the little kits and for them to die on her would be a very devastating news. We try not to disappoint the little ones because they are such innocent and sweet children. I am also praying that if it should happen, Lindsey will find the right words herself to console the little broken heart while she find comfort and peace herself. Just want to let her know that tears will indeed be flowing from both sides of the world and once it stops, we shall all pick up and move on again.

My prayers goes out to all those trying their very best to revive another kit struggling in the barn.

There are many good hearts in this world. Ultimately that is what I choose to believe. Amidst the crime, the hatred, the killing, the devastated & oppression, THERE IS HOPE!


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