Update: TLR PeeGuard V2

The 2nd version is definitely sturdier and looks nicer! And as usual, for something better, what can you expect? It cost more! LOL!

Yes, the prototype is working very well and as the final product, TLR PeeGuard V2.0 will cost RM25 for a pair of 12 inches steel plates to help cover the corner your rabbit love to relief itself in the cage. For a set of steel plates to cover the entire perimeter is just too costly and definitely not cost effective since most rabbits will have a favorite corner.




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3 responses to “Update: TLR PeeGuard V2

  1. can it become rusty? the edges look sharp compare to v1, does it safe?

  2. I ordered stainless steel so should not be rusty. The edge is not as sharp as version 1 because it is thicker so it is safe.

  3. Hi,

    I would like to find out how much is the pee guard? Tq…

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