Officially Disapproved!

I am very glad to announced that Holly Hope got picked as Saturday bunny over at Disapproving Rabbits!

Thank you so much Bill and the rest at Disapproving Rabbits for picking Holly Hope as one of their disapproving lot!

Now that Holly Hope’s being picked, I am in big trouble with the rest of the herd. Nothing to worry about though as I have papaya cubes to put a grin on every buhny’s face!


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7 responses to “Officially Disapproved!

  1. tania

    hi, was wondering when should we start giving papaya to rabbits with longer fur? my mom just got me a 3 month old lionhead but apparently its sister at the shop had stringy poo! don’t want to give him diarrhea but i still want to prevent wool block! >.<


  2. congratulation, holly hope

  3. Tania,

    You definitely need to give a little papaya to longer fur rabbits. As long as your rabbit is above 6 months you can give it papaya. Start off with small portion for example a little cube. I would give it more hay too if I were you. Hay can help keep the stomach “moving” in rabbits. Feed grass hay like Timothy or Orchard grass hay. Hope that helps!

  4. I’m cracking up.

    …..feeling… the pressure…!

  5. Love it!! Congrats on making the cut, I’m sure that there were lots of ‘models’ competing for the spot on their blog/site.

  6. tania

    im not actually sure how old my rabbit is, but i do feed him a lot of timothy hay and he eats tons of it everyday =). i wanted to get those oxbow papaya tablets but omg they cost tons and i’m wondering whether fresh papaya would do the job just as well. it’s just i don’t dare try giving him any yet since he seems rather young.. mom got him for me last week..

  7. Fresh papaya is definitely better but yeah, if you think your rabbit is still young, wait a little while longer before you try giving.

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