Mo Trances On Monday!

It was Moesha’s turn to have a run in the house today and as I was cuddling her, I realized how stiff she could be in trance mode. She is such a cutie pie. I don’t think her head will continue filling in because it doesn’t seemed to have much more room left. LOL. I still have a lot to do with head massiveness.



“Are we there yet?”


“You’re making me blush! Stop that!”


“The official bun-chill position”


“Bun-sense Part I – I see dead bunny…”


“Bun-sense Part II – It is staring at me!”


“Something’s cookin’, slurrrrrrRPPpppppppppppp…”


“Shall we go for round 2?”



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3 responses to “Mo Trances On Monday!

  1. azian9100

    OMG… what a cute little girl…. I love the 1st post.
    Actually.. mo I think is not your daddy wanna show you … but his shining floor…LOL

  2. Mo is definately growing up! Nice clean floor too.:-)

  3. Owh, she’s a bunny supermodel!

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