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Honey Song A Buhny Love to Hate!

There will always be some artistes singing songs that we hate to hear but yet, the lyrics somehow get stuck to your brain like fly on dung!

Today was Nth attempt to get Holly Hope “covered” by Skor. I can imagine Skor’s frustration of feeling the “so near yet so far” kind of disappointment. Skor is so experienced that he will never mount a doe if she isn’t ready and he is very good with testing the doe. He will mount but not go to the next level if he thinks that it will never be a good try.

I guess he is just the sharp shooter he is and I dislike wasting his time.

Holly Hope’s vent is still very pale today. I hope by Saturday she will be ready and if not, we shall be having a delayed litter. Not forgetting the possibility of unsuccessful first litter syndrome!

And coming back to the song/artiste I love to hate, presenting Britney Spear’s…..


”I Am Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman….”

P/S: Please get that phrase outta me MIND!!! It just can’t stop playing over and over my mind each time the mating session fails!!!!!



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