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We’ve got a HIT!

I am quite proud to say that today was the first time I mated a doe
by judging the redness of her vent. A few days back I did mention that
Noobie has got reddish vent. I wanted to wait for a queue from Holly
Hope but today being the day before my “deadline”, she was still not
interested in mating. I realize that I do not need to have 2 does
kindling on the same day in order to foster kits. As long as I have a
nursing doe it will be sufficient. I am sure Noobie wouldn’t mind
fostering since she is a great mum.

So I decided to let Skor enjoy himself after being rejected so many times to rekindle his glory & self esteem.

surprise, Noobie was all willing. What surprises me most is that she
lifts her bum so high that it almost touched the SKY! If you want a
perfect example of 2 rabbits mating, I believe Skor & Noobie is
definitely the perfect example. They took below 10 seconds to finish
the job as usual! Skor’s tribal cry and the “twist” indicated a job
well done.


“I just can’t wipe that grin off his face thereafter”

As for Holly Hope, I am seriously wondering if she has
got no chemistry with Skor. I do hope she comes into “season” soon.
This goes to show that contrary to popular belief that rabbits are
induced ovulators, they do come in “season” or get in the mood for

And the term breed like rabbits do not apply to this Hallmark Breed called the Holland Lop.

With that said, Noobie’s expected kindling date is 22/12/2008! Stay tuned!

P/S: I got a shot of the session but am not sharing the private photos ­čśŤ



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Encounter with the 3rd kind…

Guinea Pigs are always related to rabbits and in fact, ARBA standards include guinea pigs as well. And you will notice many rabbit breeders also breed guinea pigs as well as showing them. But for me, I prefer to refer to them as the 3rd kind.

Have I tried my hands on guinea pigs?

I certainly did many years ago and it turned out to be a huge DISASTER!

Turned out, I have guinea pig allergy! After holding a guinea pig, I’ll get rashes all over my body and my face will swell like a melon. Since then I have never touch a guinea pig…will never EVER touch another one!

I attributed the allergy reaction to the type of mites that live on guinea pigs. I suspects that is the main cause of my rashes and swelling. I stumbled across a write up on these creature on another blog I visited recently.

What made me wanted a guinea pig in the first place?


Exactly, I was so inspired by RODNEY the guinea pig in Dr. Dolittle!

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