Encounter with the 3rd kind…

Guinea Pigs are always related to rabbits and in fact, ARBA standards include guinea pigs as well. And you will notice many rabbit breeders also breed guinea pigs as well as showing them. But for me, I prefer to refer to them as the 3rd kind.

Have I tried my hands on guinea pigs?

I certainly did many years ago and it turned out to be a huge DISASTER!

Turned out, I have guinea pig allergy! After holding a guinea pig, I’ll get rashes all over my body and my face will swell like a melon. Since then I have never touch a guinea pig…will never EVER touch another one!

I attributed the allergy reaction to the type of mites that live on guinea pigs. I suspects that is the main cause of my rashes and swelling. I stumbled across a write up on these creature on another blog I visited recently.

What made me wanted a guinea pig in the first place?


Exactly, I was so inspired by RODNEY the guinea pig in Dr. Dolittle!

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  1. azian9100

    Can go that bad… but they sure cute.

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