No, this post is not about Holly Hope. It is a post bigger than Holly Hope, bigger than LIFE itself.

It is very hard in this lifetime, to fight for a good cause. Tru-Luv Rabbitry started off with one main intention and objective which is to promote RESPONSIBLE RABBIT OWNERSHIP & BREEDING. Along the way thus far, all I have written is leading towards this main goal and objective.

As the end of 2008 draws near, like anything else, I have to re-evaluate my achievements against the objectives set earlier. I must say that Tru-Luv has gone through a lot of tears, sweat and headache with a fair share of joy, happiness and satisfaction.

I must also say that this blog has also brought tears and adrenaline rush to some. I am not sure if that should be taken as an achievement but I am happy and thankful to some who have shown and shared their heartfelt feelings with me.

Sometimes while in the midst of fighting for a cause, I see a total backfire. For instance, the more I wrote about planned and responsible breedings, the more people cross breed their rabbits. Some intentional just to satisfy their desire to see baby rabbits, to earn a little pocket money or for some other invalid reasons. Whatever reasons, as long as they do not improve a particular breed saddens me greatly.

Perhaps some may perceived my behavior as selfish in the sense that rabbit breeding is only for a selected few. But for me, the intention behind actions speak much louder. There can be many types of breeders as well; some are responsible and some are not. And the definition of a good breeder is just so subjective for each individual.

It is never my intention to impose my expectation on another but to share my ideology. I really appreciate and am very grateful for those who share the same sentiments and ideology and through that, I did made quite a number of great bunny friends with a few of my readers.

Because life is so short and I might not be able to say this (at the same time do not want to regret it if i don’t get to), I just want to take this opportunity to thank SB, Daphie, Lindsey, Susie, Nico, Kak Azian and all fellow bunny bloggers for affirming to me over and over again that my effort is not in vain.

You guys appreciate LIFE so much that it makes me feel that it is all worth it! Thank you so much for sharing your life and bunny(s) with me! You guys made my buhny year 2008 a superb one! God bless your good hearts!


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2 responses to “Hopeful

  1. azian9100

    Ya.. TLR keep your good works, we love what you write, we love your Blog, we love our Bunny… and we support every little thing that inproof this Rabbit line. yeeaaaa…. GOOOOO BUnnYY…. hip..hip… horayyy..

  2. Susie

    Awe, thank you! I really hope all your dreams come true, I see you with a brighter side in the rabbit world of Malaysia. If anybody can promote that I’d be you. Your true dedication and strong desire for pedigreed rabbits is big. I know one day it’ll come true. 🙂


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