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The most expensive nesting materials…EVER!

I have 2 packs of hay at the moment that is turning really yellow by the minutes. I was really supportive of this brand initially but somehow the quality has dropped. And it is not cheap to get these hay and I sometimes wonder if it is insane to pay so much for just…GRASS!

A pack of the 40oz hay in question is priced $39.90 and Skor alone leaves the grass untouched mainly because it is no longer fresh.

Since I have got no use for them and I am expecting litter(s) soon, then I might as well use them as nesting materials. But don’t you think that it is a little expensive to use them as nesting materials that later go into the dumptruck?

I believe my mama raised me right not to waste so I ain’t gonna buy those hay no more…unless they are green and fresh again…



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Honey Song A Buhny Love to Hate Part II!

It has been daily flirting with Holly Hope and Skor. Now another song that I hate can’t stop playing over and over again on my mind.

“Sometimes I run, Sometimes I hide, Sometimes I’m scared of you….”

Yeah, Hope seemed to allow Skor to mount her, but she runs away after a while….


I wish some cool bumpin’ and grindin’ R&B/Hip Hop music plays on my mind because I want Skor to get this BOOTY covered!


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