The most expensive nesting materials…EVER!

I have 2 packs of hay at the moment that is turning really yellow by the minutes. I was really supportive of this brand initially but somehow the quality has dropped. And it is not cheap to get these hay and I sometimes wonder if it is insane to pay so much for just…GRASS!

A pack of the 40oz hay in question is priced $39.90 and Skor alone leaves the grass untouched mainly because it is no longer fresh.

Since I have got no use for them and I am expecting litter(s) soon, then I might as well use them as nesting materials. But don’t you think that it is a little expensive to use them as nesting materials that later go into the dumptruck?

I believe my mama raised me right not to waste so I ain’t gonna buy those hay no more…unless they are green and fresh again…



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10 responses to “The most expensive nesting materials…EVER!

  1. azian9100

    Ya..lah.. I though is only me… I’m buying this GRASS online.. so when I got it… Kering already and yellow… If alfalfa the smell is still their.. but when come to Timothy.. really like Rumput kering.

  2. tania

    Awwwe mind telling us which grass it is? Is it the one on erhm, chubby pets garden? I was thinking of buying that grass, but if it’s not any good then I’d rather splurge on oxbow, coz currently I only have that small bag of ‘alfalfa king’ timothy hay for pepper and it’ll be finished in a week.. Need to buy a big bag soon. Any suggestions? =)

  3. Tania, you really have to judge for yourself. I have to be discreet on this issue.

  4. tania

    whoops, my bad. heeehee sorry.. >.< will have to go on a quest for good 2nd cut hay then!

  5. Sorry to hear about your hay.:-( We just got back from our trip an hour ago and I went out to check on the bunnies and with all the rain we’ve had-they hay is damp and getting moldy(even though it’s in the building-it’s the humidity). Ah!! So we’re going to have to find new, fresh hay as well. I hope you find some nicer hay soon!!

  6. haha.. i also used 425g Oxbow Oat and Brome hay as the nesting material when my little Dinky gave birth a few months ago.

  7. Hahahahaha…..another expensive experience but looking the kits grow up well pays back a lot I am sure….LOL!

    I am not against any brand but generally, we do spend a lot on EXPENSIVE JUNKS sometimes….

    Just thinking of spending so much on grass is just very disturbing sometimes….don’t you think? LOL!

  8. Haha.. actually i chose that brand to feed them and i bought Oat and Brome hays and another needle grass to give them variety.. But i dont know why they only choose alfalfa and timothy among all hays, LOL..

    So, there went the unwanted hays – into the nest box 😛

  9. As long as they take any hay it is good news. LOL…

  10. Good hay should be green, great smelling, have some sun dried brown hay, not pale yellow dried hay from the result of old stock and bad condition keeping. Sun dried brown and old stock yellow hay is completely difference thing. sun dried brown hay is over expose to the sun when farming trying to bale the hay and causing the lost of the green but is full of vitamin D and high fiber. Yellow, pale, dried hay that cause by old, un-moving stock will have 0% nutritions and benefit nothing to your pet beside be the nestign material…

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