Holland Lops Availability

Noobie’s expected due date is on 22nd December 2008. Her kits will be 8 weeks old come 16th February 2009.

On the other hand, Holly Hope have not been mated as yet so I cannot give an exact date on the availability of her kits. Furthermore, she being a first time mother I am not too sure if this litter would be successful.

The reason for this post is to let those who might be interested in getting a Holland Lop know so that they have time to plan out everything before bringing the buhnies home.

Also, I may consider letting go some of my existing rabbits. Do inquire if you are really interested.



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16 responses to “Holland Lops Availability

  1. Ehem, Mr Tim… Yohji is from ur rabbitry, isnt it? I would like to have a male HL with Yohji’s color scheme if u have any, in the future.. πŸ˜›

  2. LOL…I highly doubt I am going to get that color again….

  3. Hi, we love rabbits and are interested in them. Are you selling and what price? could you contact us via our email @ the blog? tks

  4. June

    U’re letting go some of ur buns? Are selling them or giving away for free?

    • Sigh…

      I am feeling a little insulted that people have the tendency to think that my rabbits are worthless. NO, they are not going for free and I do not believe in giving them for free. Sorry if I have been giving you the wrong impression but seriously, imported rabbits for FREE? No way!

      But I know where you can get a free rabbit at this moment. ADOPTION. This poor guy needs a home – Abandoned Rabbit for Adoption


  5. Daphie

    Poor truluvrabbitry,

    After all ur effort trying to educate ppl and sharing your precious hobby, still ppl are trying to take advantage it. When are these ppl gonna start to understand that EVERYTHING comes with a price.. especially the ones that comes with standards and quality?

    Nothing in this world is for free…. unless stated otherwise. geddit?

  6. June

    It is just a simple question and my intention is good. I just wanna give a good home to a rabbit. That’s all. Adopting is always better than buying and pls I am not trying to take advantage of anyone.

  7. June,

    Thanks for being such a kind person. I am not trying to upset you and therefore has given the appropriate recommendation. And yes, adoption should be given top priority if you have budget constraints and do not mind a non-pedigree as a pet. Do get in touch with Stalkie if you are really interested.

    Thanks for your interest in the Holland Lops.

  8. June

    Pls dont feel insulted. In my humble opinion, free rabbits are not worthless. Free rabbits deserve love and respect just like those that comes with an expensive price tag.

    The reason that made me asked whether you are giving them up for free is after reading some of your blogs entries, u seems to be different from the rest of breeders who mainly breed for money. I have an impression that you would wanna find good homes for your retired buns. Seriously, it is a compliment. πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t be bother to ask a money driven breeder cause I think they would rather sell their retired buns for meat than let ppl adopt them for free.

  9. June

    Yes.. actually I did. Usually I would prefer male cause the neutering surgery is less complicated compare to spaying surgery and back then I also have problem finding a rabbit savvy vet which give me enough of confidence to let them perform spaying surgery on my rabbit. But this time around, I am looking a girl cause I have a boy already. According to some reliable website, bonding between different gender and female with female are much easier compare with male with male. I am not an rabbit expert so I am not ready to take up the challenge to bond 2 males.

    Umm… since u are a rabbit expert, do u know how I can make a depress rabbit happy?

    • Firstly, please don’t call me expert. There is so much to learn in this hobby and no one can be an expert really.

      How do you know if it is depressed in the first place?

      As far as I know, rabbit will only feel stressed out and I have not encounter any depressed rabbits before. Are you depress yourself? Start being happy around your rabbit if you are unhappy yourself coz the rabbit is able to pick up your feelings too.

      Give him his favorite treat? And let him run loose in the house. That will solve the problem if he is indeed depressed.

      And you are right about the bonding. Bucks will fight to death if they are not neuter and it is very risky to try bonding 2 neutered ones. Even bonding 2 of different genders can be quite tough.

  10. June

    I would like to let him run loose in the condo but he rarely come out from his cage. I can leave the door open for hrs and he’ll choose to remain in his cage. This started way b4 I got a puppy. (dont worry. I always supervise them when they are out together)

    He is healthy. He eats, pee and poops well. I “furminate” him once a week to reduce the fur he ingested while grooming. I’m feeding him with Oxbow pellets and hay. Some vege and fruits here and there…. In those rare occasions when he comes out, he’ll binkies also.

    I’ll make a trip down to the vet soon. Just to have a thorough check up..

    Umm.. treats.. ya.. should give him more of his fav fruits.

    I’ve try some cheapo diy toys also.. but nothing seems to appeal to him.

    Taking in another rabbit is the last resort I’ll take to make him happy. Despite reading a lot of articles that preaches abt rabbits in pair are better off socially, mentally and physically and doesn’t burden the owner with more work or financially, I still dont buy that idea cause maintenaning 1 rabbit is a lot of work and it’s not cheap. Besides that I am selfish. I only want him to love me but obviously that is not happening.

    In the meantime, I am picking him out from his cage (I know I am suppose to but no choice) and “force” him to spend time with me and binkies around the house like a mad woman.

    Thanks for ur suggestions anyway. πŸ™‚

    • June, it is good to be selfish and want all the love from this little boy. That is the right way of having a pet actually. Most people just keep one pet at a time and spend all their time with that just one.

      I bet is, he has been kept in the cage all this while and he has become very accustomed and safe in that comfort zone. What I would do if I were you is bring him out more often and place him in the open away from the cage. Let him roam around that area alone and just overseeing him from afar. Go about doing your chores. He will soon get used to the environment.

      Always bear in mind that these are prey animals and everything seemed to be a threat to them at first. We have to slowly gain their trust. If you have read some house rabbit blogs like FurryButts (on my blog roll), the most reluctant rabbit can be tamed by their favorite treats but not too much alright? Too much sugar is not that good for a rabbit.

      Many rabbit owners will tell you that you should take some time to know what’s your rabbit’s favorite treats in case if he stops eating for any reason, you will be able to tempt him into taking in something with his favorites.

      BTW, what’s your rabbit’s name and is he neutered? Is he a lop?

  11. June

    Ok.. treats is the way to go then! “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. πŸ™‚ I didn’t know it applies to bunnies too.

    His name is Mickey aka Mickey The Mouse Looking Rabbit.
    πŸ™‚ When he was a baby, he looked more like a mouse than a rabbit. Yes… He was neutered and yes he is a lop. I looove lops! πŸ™‚

    When he was a baby, he used to follow me around from room to room, always come when I called, when I ran around, he would chase me. He was a fearless little bun that would stop @ nothing to get to his treats. πŸ™‚ He would climb all over us… stood super long on his hind legs… but as time goes on… he slowly become less and less responsive….. So weird huh… The only thing that changed was his diet cause the food the breeder gave me has no brand so I went to get him some good pellets. Maybe he is really not meant for a solitary life. I am spending more time with him now and monitor his moods…

    As I am writing this, he is out of his cage and grooming himself. πŸ™‚ It’s still a challenge waiting for him to leave his cage on his own account. (I’m trying not to pick him up from his cage whenever possible to prevent him from marking his territory when he is outside of his cage). Hopefully he will be happier as time goes by.

    Ah.. Furrybutt. I’ve read some articles there also and written to Yohji’s mum for some advices on other issues b4. Ok.. I’ll try to look for the blog entry that talks abt treats.

    K. That’s all for now.. take care and happy blogging!

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