I am bored

For once I have no inspiration to write anything. But that’s something is it not?

Right now, I am just looking forward for Holly Hope to accept Skor. And I couldn’t agree when people say that doe has got constant oestrus cycle. If that is the case, a doe will always lift her bum high.

Some may say that both doe and buck must have chemistry between them for the “love” to blossom. I guess this can be very true as domesticated animals may have some human instincts embedded into them? LOL…

Have they all learned so much after all the pampering and observation?

Does Meadow Haven come alive the moment I step out?

I am starting to wonder that it does and these rascals do communicate with each other through their cages. LOL!!!!

See, I am so bored that I am starting to hallucinate! I am not bored because I have got nothing to do. I am bored of the wait. Day after day, week after week, month after month….


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